Toasters, Atlantis, and Asteroids

Well I seem to have some extra time today since the bosses decided to let everyone go home early. It feels odd considering most places I've worked made its employees work the day before and the day after a holiday like the Fourth of July. So now I get a four day weekend, which is cool. I'll spending most of that time down in Phoenix with the family anyway. So tonight we've the 2nd Annual Golden Toaster Awards over at Hangar Deck 5. Should be fun with RDM and Ms Ron participating. It'll be fun to see who won in the various categories. I, for one, appreciate the effort the staff at HD5 put into this. Also have the Stargate Atlantis marathon as well on Sci Fi Channel. Yay! Browsed today and was slightly amused by the Asteroid Spotting Article. It's not that I don't take near-Earth asteroid passes seriously but the sometimes near panic I see in articles just amuse me except for the fact that less technically inclined people who may not fully understand what they're reading do panic and thinking the world is coming to the end. It kind of sickens me. Still the article was interesting in giving pertinent information so people can view the Apollo-class asteroid in question, 2004 XP14, when it passes near Earth early July 3. The more interesting asteroid that will pass near Earth is 99942 Apophis in 2029 which is expected to be the nearest an asteroid has come to Earth since mankind started watching and recording these events and could (in a ridicuous long shot) potential strike the planet in 2036 or 2069, but not likely. Unfortunately I wont have access to a telescope to take a look at 2004 XP14 during the following prime viewing times: RA and Dec. positions for the asteroid's encounter with Cassiopeia: July 3 7h UT RA 1h 38.5m Dec. +55 deg. 25 min. July 3 8h UT RA 1h 07.3m Dec. +61 deg. 00 min. July 3 9h UT RA 0h 29.4m Dec. +65 deg. 27 min.