TV Reviews: Stargate Universe “Water”

Warning: Spoilers below the cut. Stargate Universe 1.06 “Water” Plot: The crew must locate a new source of water before the Destiny’s reserves are depleted. Viewing Commentary:
  • So water is mysteriously disappearing.
  • The Colonel and Rush are arguing as usual.
  • 40% of reserves
  • 40,000 liters lost and conspiracy theories abound.
  • Colonel doesn’t really help with all his spying via kino.
  • Nice, convenient ice planet.
  • Okay, I’ll agree with Eli that’s it lame none of the others get the Hoff reference.
  • Colonel Young and Scott going to the planet with a plasma cutter and eight hours of air.
  • Johanssen in command.
  • Wow, those suits seem to get uglier every time I see them. Oh well, function over form.
  • Thanks Colonel Killjoy: “The last planet I was on exploded.”
  • Nice invention from Eli: anti-grav sled. Even Rush seems impressed.
  • Meh on the snow f/x. It’s ok but probably could have been done a bit better.
  • Hmm. Dust devil aliens on board. Want to bet they’re using up the water?
  • Sgt Spencer stealing rations it seems.
  • Found a source of water.
  • Cpl Gorman encounters the aliens and become a juicy snack for them.
  • Ice-capades. Nevermind.
  • Heh. Greer shows his creative side: a homemade flamethrower.
  • “And Sergeant, no torching.”
  • Bug hunt underway.
  • Whump Alert: Of course, Scott has to fall into a crevasse and get stuck. And his suit is leaking.
  • Another convenient quake loosens Scott enough to be pulled out.
  • Lure the aliens to the planet.
In some ways last week’s episode “Light” was better than this once, in others “Water” was superior. Probably the only annoying bit is the whole military-civilian conflict on board. It rings false to me given that all of the civilian scientists on board knew they would be working with the military when the joined the Stargate program. The politically minded subversion and resentment I can get, not the supposed civilian resentment. I don’t think the writers are operating on a premise that scientific and military minds are inherently incompatible, which is flawed reasoning in and of its own. I hope they move on from this premise to more believable interpersonal and personality based conflicts, which are far more realistic. Rating: 8.0/10.0