Virtually Thinking

Hmm...LJ acting a little funky tonight for me. Oh well.

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Intarwebz. Or not.

Virtuality will be airing this Friday, June 26. While I would like to think the pilot would be picked up I doubt it will. In the end ratings and FIX execs will decide that and given network televisions wariness of science fiction shows that likelihood of a series pickup is small.

Even that aside, I'm not confident the base premise can hold up. It follows thus: A twelve person crew on a star ship named Phaeton is on a decade mission that is supposedly essential for Earth. To combat any chance of the crew from going stir crazy during the trip the ship has been equipped with virtual reality modules for each member. These VR sessions are broadcast back on Earth as part of a "reality" TV show or somesuch thing.

So basically it is a mash of classic space exploration and VR with a dash of reality tv is not reality gimmick thrown in. I guess we'll see if they pulled it off successfully come friday evening. If nothing else maybe I'll get to enjoy some spiffy special fx.

 Curious thing about Visual Basic 2008, at least on my current computer: if the computer is not restarted then the internet connection slows to a near standstill. Not really a big deal, but it does seem a bit curious