VLD Season 3 Quick Thoughts (Spoilers)

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Warning! The following post contains some spoilers for season 3 of Voltron Legendary Defender

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Voltron Season 3

Love the return of the show, even if the season is a short one, episode wise. Mainly this post is to get some thoughts off my mind but not blow up the twitter feed with the spoilery spammage of scintillating story that season 3 has sparked. Quick points:
  • Musical chairs with the lions has commenced, without the music.
  • I really like this version of Lotor, reminds me of GoLion's Sincline before getting obsessed over Fala Hime, GoLion, and his feud with Kogane Akira, except even more cunning. So far less sadistic, but there still is more to come, though he can be vindictive. He's probably the character that most closely resembles their original GoLion character appearance wise.
  • So do a majority of Galra hybrids have purple iris for their eyes? They may not have the typical galra yellow sclera, but a large number seem to have purple iris like Lotor and Keith. Early in the series I presumed Keith has some sort albinism as those are normally the only humans that would have any sort of purple or violet eyes. I also head cannoned at one point that Earth had some sort of war that involved NBC weaponry so the occasional genetic anomaly (like odd colored eyes) cropping up in the world population generations later was not seen as unusual. It also explained some of the secretive and militaristic bent of the Garrison.
  • Actually I'm glad the team struggled with the lion switch up at first. Would have been a little too convenient that they all just instantly click with their new lions.
  • Glad to see Lance and Keith bonding. Nice bit of character growth for the both of them.
  • I dig Lotor's generals. Is that cat Coba? Or related? Eerily similar appearance and I don't recall if they named it or not.
  • Pink. *sigh* I knew they we're going to go with pink armor for Allura, and they even gave a valid Altean cultural reason, but still.... I just react negatively to the past stereotyping of colors to genders (i.e. pink is for females) that somehow still prevail even today.
  • I nearly snorted my drink out my nose when Allura tried a  Lance pickup line on Blue.
  • OK. So Shiro's either not Shiro (a clone, shall we start calling him Kuro?) or Shiro's been conditioned (not certain he's completely brainwashed per se). Just don't see Black refusing Shiro without reason and of course the "headaches".
  • Long hair just doesn't work for Shiro. Although what was up with the new short 'do?
  • Shiro/Keith and Keith/Shiro moment harkening back to episode 1.
  • Ah the real history of the Paladins and Voltron.
  • I dig the Paladins of old.
  • OMG. Young Zarkon is kind of throwing me for a loop. I don't know if it is the face or the voice or what.
  • Alfor, you nerd...you sword wielding, goofy, nerd.
  • Of course the Galra would rally to Zarkon. Their world destroyed and their leader thought to be dead. Of course they would latch onto and cling to their Emperor returning and allowing their fears and anger at their losses to be focused on something tangible. Unfortunately it was first the Alteans and then the rest of the universe. It is interesting that Lotor was able to tap into the Galra loyalty by citing their history and strength as a reason to allow some loosening of Galra tradition and encouraging change for those who show themselves to be of value to the empire.
  • I guess even maniacal, universal domineering tyrants need someone at their side to conquer the universe with. (Zarkon/Haggar) Yes more complicated than that and in some ways rather tragic.
  Still enjoying the series continuing references to GoLion and Voltron: DotU. They're now venturing into Vehicle Force Voltron (aka Dairugger XV) with using names, locations, and other associated references.

GoLion Daibazaal (used as VLD's Galra homeworld instead of being Zarkon's name)

Honerva (who, like in DotU is now known as Haggar)

Voltron: DotU

Sven (used VLD's alternate reality Shiro)

I literally cackled at hearing Sven's accent, not that it was atrocious. I just couldn't help myself. As soon as I saw his face (or should I say hair) I was like "please be Sven, please be Sven" and then, Bam! Yes! Ve haff axsent!

Sven Lives

I was touched though at the nice homage to DotU of Sven saving Lance and indicating they'd send him to a hospital planet to get healed up. I appreciate these nods towards the source materials used to create the new series.

Coba (used as VLD's Honerva's pet)

Some interesting things going on with this little cat, like it looks suspiciously similar to the one used by one of Lotor's generals.

Vehicle Force Voltron / Voltron: Fleet of Doom

Throk (Viceroy Throk in the DotU  / I forget the character's name in Dairugger XV)