Writing and commenting

Well since I can't sleep, I've been hunting around the BSG fandom catching up on fics outside of the usual sources I frequent. I came across some really good one's which I'vesaid for later reading. It occurs to me, however, that I've been terrible in not giving responses and concrit to far too many fanfic writers. I'm not talking about the quick, one line "loved it" type responses but genuine well thought out responses to the stories and why I felt that way about them. So, I've decided to try and be better about that by attempting to comment at least 5 stories a day. I just have to decide where to start. My two previous forays at concrit (usually via email) on FF.net were a mixed bag. Some writers appreciated the concrit, others...not so much. So Ithink I'll pass on FF.net this time around and perhaps stick to fic posted on LJ. Or maybe the AR board since they've had some great stuff lately. We'll see.